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When Christ came to the earth, he did not leave Christians empty handed, rather he left a rich testimony that vindicated his message, him as messiah, and the hope offered by the gospel. Christians are called be ready to give a defense for that hope have within when asked, and do it in such a spirit of gentleness that will hush the mouths of scoffers who would lay on false allegation  (1 Peter 3-15-17).

In order to defend the faith, one needs to know what he or she stands for so he or she is able  to offer a defense, and for this reason apologetic should always be born in Bible study. Learning the of the scriptures and the background information surrounding the scripture such as history and ancient near-eastern culture can help one appreciate and better defend the faith communicated in the Bible. Additionally, one can read and listen to those that aptly defend the faith and learn from them. Third, read and listen to those who attack the faith so one can be informed about what the opposition is saying about the Christian faith. Likewise, Apologetics are no replacement for Bible study. Apologetics come as a secondary discipline to other spiritual disciplines of meditation on the Word, prayer, and obedience to God’s commandments.  The Bible is true such that it stands by itself while apologetics is a meta-discipline that involves fallible inquiry of men. Apologetics uses sciences, but sciences change as new discoveries are made and old discoveries are modified.

In any case, Christians should work to build bridges to Christ so that others too may come into a right relationship with Jesus. Apologetics are not meant to tear down, rather build up. Do not engage in apologetics to “prove people wrong” or “prove that you’re right” We have enough Jerks for Jesus and we don’t need anymore.

Below are some briefs about various topics as they relate to Christian apologetics. These will hopefully be useful guides that offer ways one can build bridges to Jesus so others may come into right relation with him.


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