What Do Baptists Believe?

What makes Baptists different from other denominations and faiths? Is it the church building? The sign? What makes Baptists different from other denomination is rooted in theology. Many times, people complain that theology is divisive and utterly useless. While it is true that theology divides people, it also unites them. Why do Christians do evangelism and cooperate on evangelism? This stems directly from the theology about the nature of man, his need for a savior who is Jesus, and the command to preach the gospel to all creation. Baptist distinctions have a long history, and as theological challenges have emerged over the years, this have honed Baptist beliefs into what they are today.

This course is going to look at these distinctions:

Week 1: Bibliology – What do Baptist believe about the Bible? This session will cover a wide range of doctrines related to the Bible, its trustworthiness, and its authority.

Week 2: Theology Proper – What do Baptists believe about God? This session will explore how we know God exists, God’s attributes, and the Trinity.

Week 3: Christology – What do Baptists believe about Jesus? This session will learn about the divinity of Jesus, the humanity of Jesus, and the work of Jesus while on earth.

Week 4: Pneumatology – What do Baptists believe about the Holy Spirit? This session will examine the Holy Spirit, His work in the church, and His work in the lives of believers.

Week 5: Soteriology – What do Baptists believe about salvation? This session will look at man, his sinfulness, his need for a savior, how he is saved, and what happens once one is saved.

Week 6: Ecclesiology – What do Baptists believe about the church? This session will study how the church is organized, who its members are, how it is governed, the offices of the church, how Baptist view ordinances, and the role of church in society, evangelism, and missions.

Week 7: Eschatology – What do Baptists believe about the end times? This session will consider the variety of beliefs about what will happen at the end of days and how all of history is building up to that point.