John 8:12-30

Read: John 8:12-30

Jesus is again confronted by the Pharisees concerning his testimony while he is teaching. They were looking for yet another way to discredit him, and this time they were going after his testimony about himself. Jewish law required the testimony of at least two people (Deuteronomy 17:6, Deuteronomy 19:15). Jesus answers them saying that his testimony is true because the Father testified about him. Earlier, Jesus had been confronted by the Jews concerning his testimony (John 5:31-47). Jesus lays out five different elements that testify to himself: The Spirit, The Father, John, The Scriptures, and his deeds. Jesus had also called out in the temple (John 7:28) saying that they did know where he came from, but what they refused to believe it because of their personal agendas.

When Jesus says that he is the Light of the World, he is talking about the light that he brings, which is truth. The truth exposes sin and illuminates the hearts and minds of those who believe (John 1:4-9). Jesus basically is declaring that the Pharisees did not have the light. John notes that they did not know that Jesus was speaking from his Father (John 8:27), were lost in their sin and would die without the knowledge of Christ (John 8:24). John 7 says that they knew that Jesus was of God, but what John 8 makes clears is that because of their refusal to believe in Jesus, that they were blinded by their sin and would die therein. When Jesus spoke these things, many believed because they realized that they needed the light to free them from their sin.

Refusing to believe in Jesus has dire consequences: being dead in one’s sin. This means that after one dies, he will be judged according to his faith in Jesus. If what Jesus is saying is true (which it is), then was trying to save their lives from the eternal consequences of sin. It does not seem that the Pharisees were altogether without hope, as some like Nicodemus were open to hearing him out. He says that after he is lifted up, they would see that he was truly who he says he was. Christians today live after Jesus is lifted up, and Jesus says that he is drawing all men to himself. Some will reject him and die in their sins, but others will surrender and let Jesus save their life as only he can do. Belief is not impossible for those that resist God to see, so there is hope yet for those who do not yet believe. Christians should never give up hoping that more will be saved, even the most stubborn hearted people.

Lord, you are the Light of the World! Shine your light brightly on those who resist you the most so they can see you, repent, and believe!