John 12:44-50

Read: John 12:44-50

After John discusses the reasons why some won’t believe, he records Jesus rehashing some of the things that he had already taught leading up to this point. Jesus “cries out” — that is he spoke in a loud voice so he was sure that many could hear them. From here Jesus outlines who he is and his mission.

  • Believing in Jesus is also believing in God because Jesus and God are one. John asserted the divinity of Jesus on a number of occasions in John 1:1, John 8:45-59, John 10:30, and again here.
  • Jesus came as the light of the world to lead people out of darkness. Those that believe in Jesus will not be in darkness because Jesus is light, life, and truth (John 1:1-18).
  • Jesus did not come into the world to judge the world, rather to save the world. Jesus’ mission this time was to provide a means for men to be saved through faith. Condemnation is already upon them because they have sin and because they have not believed (John 3:15-18).
  • Judgment is reserved for some time in the future (John 5:25-29, Revelation 20:11-15).
  • Jesus’ mission was from God. Over and over in the book of John, Jesus asserts that he is acting in step with the Father and that what he does is of the Father.
  • Jesus’ commandment is eternal life – that is as Paul asserts in Acts 16:31: believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved and Jesus himself offers in John 3:16.

Rehashing the basic facts of who Jesus was, what he came to do, and how one relates to Jesus is a good thing as it reminds people of the salvation of which they have received. Unsound doctrines concerning Jesus and salvation arise often. A quick way to check a purported doctrine is to see if it violates some of the basic doctrines concerning Jesus and his work. Should it violate even one, then it probably the case that the doctrine is not sound. The veracity of Jesus teachings are demonstrated in numerous ways and well substantiated by historical evidence and rest assured that what Jesus says is true.

Lord, help me to stay anchored to the truth of who you are and what you did for me!