Ecclesiastes 12:1-7: “Remember Your Creator”

Read: Ecclesiastes 12:1-7: “Remember Your Creator”

The Preacher in the last chapter of Ecclesiastes before his conclusion makes one clear, resounding remark: remember one’s creator in the days of one’s youth. The Preacher mentions two “befores” – before the lights go out and before a number of things are broken. The light the Preacher describes in the first “before” is blocked out by darkness and gloom and he paints a picture of funeral scene with mourners. Traditional commentators have associated this gloomy picture with the infirmities that come with age and a period of life one outlives his or her usefulness. The second “before” talks about a number of things that are “broken” that have been traditionally been associated with critical parts of the body: the “silver cord” is the spinal cord, the “golden bowl” is the brain, the “pitcher” is one of many vital organs, and the “wheel” is the heart. When any one of these things breaks, a person inevitably will die.

Studies have shown that most people (in upwards of 90%) choose what religion he or she will follow for most of his or her life by the age of 21. Perhaps the reason the Preacher encourages youth to remember their creator in the days of their youth is because of the implications following God has on one’s life. The Preacher has talked a great deal in the book about how worldly pursuits are vain ambition and ultimately leave one feeling empty. But the one thing that God has set the heart of man on is the eternal, and that which is eternal is the only thing that can satisfy and eternal longing. Rather than waste one’s life pursuing vain ambition, the Preacher is encouraging the young to start pursuing the eternal at a young age so they will not be, as the Preacher, a grumpy old man who did lots of things but was never satisfied. He knows that people generally make up their mind about what course they will pursue in life at a young age, and he is trying to set them on the right path before it is too late.

For those that are young, they do well to head the Preachers words and pursue God at a young age. For those that are old, it is never too late to change one’s ways before one dies, and turn to Jesus. For those that have chosen wisely at any age, they can be encouragers and equippers of the young as the Preacher is trying to do for the young here in Ecclesiastes. The responsibility of teaching Godly principles is new with each generation of Christians to pass the truth of God to the next generation (2 Timothy 2:2, Matthew 28:19-20). All in all, everyone should remember their creator throughout their entire life. In this, one will find satisfaction and hope and will pass on knowing that he or she has the prospect of resurrection because of Jesus!

Lord, help me to remember you all of my days!