Joshua 15: Finishing the Job

Read: Joshua 15

God intended for Israel to capture all of the land from the Negev in the South to the Euphrates River in the North. Joshua had been leading the people of Israel in a campaign to capture the territories God had intended. But even so, under Joshua the task was never fully completed. Caleb had received Hebron and the surrounding country as his inheritance for him and his family. But at the same time, his inheritance was still partially occupied. He had to drive out the three sons of Anakim (these were the “giants” the spies called the Nephalim reported in Numbers 13 and 14). Additionally, he made his daughter the prize for the capture of Kiriath-sepher. The book of Joshua lists the inheritances and settlements of the tribe of Judah, but also notes that the Jebusites still lived among them at least up into the time the book of Joshua was written. The Jebusites were not conquered until David.

For Caleb though, conquering a few more people was no big deal. He was confident of Israel’s ability to do this some 45 years earlier and had been living his life accordingly. He had long weighed the costs of following God by faith compared to the ultimate benefits, and he sided with God. Jesus spoke to this matter in Luke 14. Jesus notes that the cost of being his disciple is high: one must love Jesus (thereby, God) above all else – more than one’s mother and father, brother and sisters, sons and daughters, even his own life. Jesus does not want a half-hearted commitment, rather he wants his followers to stay committed to following him until the end, as Caleb had done.

The job of a Christian is never done until Jesus calls one home. Even though the inheritance in heaven is sure and already promised to those who believe, there is still work to do. Until Jesus comes back Christians should be about the work of always loving God above all else by following his commandments!

Lord, help me to finish the task you have laid out for me!