Joshua 18:1-10: What Are You Waiting For?

Read: Joshua 18:1-10

Joshua 17 talked about how the ambitious tribe of Manasseh wanted to receive their inheritances because they perceived themselves as blessed because of their ancestor Joseph. On the other hand, there were some tribes among Israel that had put off receiving their inheritance. God had given the land to them some time before they ever entered into the Promised Land. In response to this, Joshua draws up a plan and divides the land for the remaining 7 tribes, save the Levites who were supposed to receive a portion from the peoples by way of tithes and offerings.

It is easy to criticize people for being overly zealous to receive an inheritance, as Manasseh was. But at the same time, not taking possession of one’s inheritance as one has a standing command to do is no better. Joshua does not say why Israel why the remaining seven tribes were reluctant to take possession. Perhaps they were tired of war. Perhaps they did not want to transition from the nomadic life they had known to one in a permanent fixture. Whatever the reasons they had they were dragging their feet. The language indicates a strong reprimand as being negligent, disobedience by omission.

James 4:17 talks about this state. Often times, many people know what they ought to do and do not do it. The solution to the problem seems simple: do what one ought to do. But at times, complacency sets in and all seems well with one’s life and one gets lazy. Wisdom literature gives many rebukes against being lazy because of the dangers associated with it (Proverbs 10:4, Proverbs 15:19, Proverbs 13:4, Ecclesiastes 9:10). The time that one has upon earth is limited, and time not used cannot be reclaimed.  To make the most of life, one should be ready to obey the commands of God and do them without delay.

Lord, help me to be diligent in my actions, not putting off that which you have told me to do!