Joshua 21:43-45: Promise: Fulfilled

Read: Joshua 21:43-45

These three verses summarize the blessings that God had given to Israel that the book of Joshua elaborated on from chapters 13-21. The verses reiterate many things. First, they reiterate that God promised good things to Israel’s ancestors. The promise was initially given back in Genesis 12:7 when Abraham left his home in what is modern-day Iraq and moved west. The promise was reiterated to Abrahams in Genesis 17:8 and his descendants too (Isaac: Genesis 26:3, Jacob: Genesis 28:14-15). Second, the passage reiterates that the enemies of Israel could not stand before them because God had done the fighting on their behalf. The responsibility of Israel was to be courageous and obey God (Joshua 1:1-9, Joshua 10:14). Third, the verses reiterate that God fulfilled all that he said he was going to do. Joshua spends the last 8 chapters talking in great detail about how God promised inheritances to the people of Israel and how each tribe received that inheritance. God did what he said he was going to do long before any one of those who received the inheritances were born.

There are probably not enough books in the entire world to record the blessings that God has given his people. At the same time, there is a certain confidence too that God’s people can have concerning his blessings, and these promises are in no short supply. Jesus makes all sorts of assertions about the things that were to come after he ascended, such as the promise of the Holy Spirit, words to say, and power to accomplish insurmountable tasks, a promise to build his church, among many others. When one looks back over one’s life, one can see the places where God was at work and also see how the particular promises of God are fulfilled one’s life. These verses in Joshua reiterate the promises, the giver of the promises, and the surety of the promises. In the same manner, one can proclaim just as Joshua did and have confidence in the one who gave the blessings!

Lord, you have done all that you have promised and I am blessed beyond measure!

May it all be to the Praise of your Glory!