Joshua 23: Keep On Keeping On

Read: Joshua 23

Joshua was an old man when he gave words to the Israelites. He reminds them of all that God had done for the in driving out the nations so they could possess the land that God had promised their forefathers. As his life was drawing to a close, Joshua wanted to remind them to continue to abide in the law of God – the focus was not to be conquerors per se, rather obey the commandments of God. This is precisely what Josiah commanded Israel to do in Joshua 1:1-9, and he again reminds them here. Joshua also warns the Israel about the consequences of falling away by worshipping other gods or falling into the pagan rituals of these nations. They should remain pure.

Visiting Hebrews 10:18-25 again, this passage talks about how Jesus is the priest and through this unites all Christians in a confession of hope. And in this one can encourage good deeds. But not only this, Hebrews 10:26-39 continues giving warning about what happens when one comes to the knowledge of the truth, but rejects it. And there many even be some that call Jesus “Lord” but are not necessarily believers (Matthew 7:21-22). This warning in Hebrews goes out to those who have heard Jesus, but don’t call on his name.

Having a reminder every now and then to spur one on to good deeds is a good thing, even if one is currently living a life that his honoring and pleasing to God. There is a need for encouragers in the church – in fact Romans 12:8 says that some are gifted spiritually to be encouragers. Christians should receive give and receive the encouragement, which spurs one to keep on keeping on to good deeds and love while remaining blameless as pure before God.

Lord, help to encourage and be encouraged to do what is good and right!