Hebrews 7:11-28: Perfection Through Jesus

Read: Hebrews 7:11-28

The author of Hebrews continues in the same vein in the later part of chapter 7 as in the first. The author established that Jesus is the highest high priest. He changes subjects in verse 11 though and starts talking about how a new priesthood brings about a change in the Law. He reasons that the old priesthood and its counterpart, the Law, were unable to make men perfect and unable to give life which is what the author calls a “weakness” in the old Law and priesthood. By necessity then a new priesthood and better Law was necessary to accomplish this task. Jesus’ priesthood is an everlasting and powerful priesthood that is able to grant “indestructible life”. The author here quotes from the second half Psalm 110:4, emphasizing the “forever” and then again from the first half of the verse talking about how the Lord swore an oath. He established in Hebrews 6:13-18 that the promises of God are unchangeable, and is applying this here. He reasons that God swore that Jesus would be priest forever, and because of this Jesus will indeed be priest forever.

The author of Hebrews reasons that because Jesus is priest forever, that he can save forever those who draw near to God. Prior to Jesus’ coming, the priest had to offer sacrifices for even their own sin and intercede on the behalf of those that they represented. With Jesus’ coming, this was no longer necessary, and even more so, Jesus himself is a better priest all around because he does not have sin, will be priest forever, and does indeed have the power to impart eternal life to those who draw near. While the old law was unable to make one perfect, the new way of things does. Thanks be to God for it!

Lord, through Jesus I can be saved forever indeed! Thank you!