Hebrews 9:23-28: Once and For All

Read: Hebrews 9:23-28

Toward the end of Hebrews 9, after having showed how Christ inaugurated the New Covenant with blood, argues that Christ’s one-time sacrifice is sufficient on two counts.

  • First, he argues that Jesus offering is sufficient for all time. The offerings of animals were necessary to purify the things that were used in the tabernacle and temple, serving their purpose while the old covenant was in place. The inauguration of the New Covenant was made in blood too in the tabernacle in heaven, but this blood was the blood of Jesus himself. The difference, however, was that Jesus’ sacrifice was once and for all because he offered his own blood – a perfect sacrifice. Jesus does not have to offer himself continually, year after year, but died once, and this satisfied the sacrifices for all time.
  • Second the author of Hebrews argues Jesus’ sacrifice is sufficient once and for all because he died once in the same manner as all men do. Jesus died once for many taking their sins upon himself. Jesus himself was without sin, yet took the sins of the world upon himself and died as men do, and in doing so took the judgment due sin upon himself.

Knowing the Christ died once and for all means that salvation is sealed once and for all for those who believe. Salvation will come when Jesus returns. Christians should be “eager” for his return. Jesus’ return could be at any time, and nobody knows when he will return (Matthew 24:42-44). Nevertheless, Christians should not let complacency set in, but should live their lives in eager expectation of his return and be ready when he does. The citizenship of the believer is in heaven, and when he does return he will transform and glorify those who believe! (Philippians 3:20)

Lord, my sin had been dealt with once and for all. Help me to be eager for your return!