Luke 1:57-66: “What Then Will This Child Be”

Read: Luke 1:57-66

Jews were people of tradition, and they kept detailed records of family genealogies. Many times, sons were known by their fathers or a significant ancestor. Naming a son or daughter after a significant relative was a way of honoring that relative, as it is many cultures even today. When Elizabeth and Zachariah broke from tradition and name their son a name that hadn’t been used was a marker of significant—there was something special about this child. Elizabeth and Zacharias independently choosing cemented what they already believed to so. Elizabeth spoke the name, but Zacharias could not speak because he had doubted God, so he wrote down the name. Nevertheless, God had given them a son in their old age and they weren’t the only people who saw the significance of this. When the news spread of what happened, many were amazed and asked, “What then will this child be”.

On this side of history, we know the significance of John. He would be the one to prepare the way for Jesus as a prophet likened to Elijah. When Jesus did come John baptized Jesus. John’s message was a message of repentance and forgiveness that lead up to Jesus who would be the savior of the world.

From time to time, God breaks into the repetition and traditions of the lives of Christians reveals something significant. Like Elizabeth and Zacharias, we should be in tune with the Holy Spirit in such a way that we recognize where God is at work and respond appropriately. And at times things will unfold in such a way that people will ask, “What then will this be?” and watch as God’s plan unfolds.

Lord, help me see where you are at work and join in!